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“Adorable illustrations, fun rhyming alphabet pages, a fun Halloween theme that is cute rather than scary — this is a perfect book to read with your young child this Halloween.
~ CDM Reader

Join the children of Miss Adams’ class as they put on an alphabet-themed Halloween Parade!

Silly rhymes accompany cute kids wearing fun Halloween costumes (nothing scary here!) in a joyous celebration of a much-loved traditional American holiday!
Kids will enjoy pointing out the different characters and finding the other words for each letter of the alphabet – some included in the illustrations, others tucked at the bottom of each page.

I am in awe of how each letter is represented by a child in a Halloween costume. Obviously there are many different ways to create a costume, but these cute little people are so much fun. The illustrations are done so well and there’s no way that kids won’t love them…
I enjoyed the book and I already know my ABC’s! The creativity is captivating and I loved it!
~Kelly L. Dear

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Praise for Piper and the Pixie!

fb-cover5.0 out of 5 stars   A beautifully illustrated and entertaining tale.
What could be worse for poor Piper? Her best friend Molly has gone off Skiing whilst she is stuck at home in a wheel chair, with her leg in plaster. There follows a series of adventures and mishaps as Piper tries to find a fairy to help her get better in time for the upcoming swim trials. When Molly returns she tries to enlist her help, but first she must show her that fairies do exist. This beautifully illustrated book is sure to be a hit with readers young and old. If you love the films of Walt Disney, then you’ll love the colourful pictures, along with this well told, entertaining tale.

5.0 out of 5 stars   Piper and Molly’s search
An enchanting book about a young girl who fell out of a tree and broke her leg. The accident caused her to miss a skiing trip with her friend and remain confined to a wheel chair for six weeks over the holidays..
She checked several books out of the library and became convinced if she could find a fairy, she could convince it to heal her leg and allow her to resume her normal life. With the help of her friend Molly, they looked everyday for a fairy. I’m not going to be a spoiler, you’ll have to read it yourself.
It’s a good book that would be great to read to your kids and grandkids. If you look really hard, you might find a moral and some pixie dust.

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02-color-tinyPiper is worried her broken leg won’t heal before the swim team tryouts. But she finds the perfect solution in a book about magical creatures! Believing that only a fairy’s magic will fix her leg in time, Piper sets out to convince her best friend Molly that fairies exist – and that they need to find one.

When the girls come face-to-face with what can only be a real fairy, they hatch some crazy plans to catch her. Is she REALLY a fairy? Will they capture the tiny magical creature before the tryouts? And will she be willing to help Piper?

Join Piper and Molly as they seek out the help of a less than helpful fairy and learn some valuable lessons about friendship, honesty, and perseverance.

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